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"No emphasis is needed to make clear that as is the child so is the man,and that as is the man so is the state.Upon the right education of the child depends the future of a country"
Theosophical Society


Dr. Maria Montessori's love for underprivileged and repressed children led her to be the greatest educationist of the century.

Aunty Tehmi Wadia was among the fortunate few to receive a direct training course from Dr. Maria Montessori in 1939 due to the efforts of Grorge & Rukmini Devi Arundale (theosophist disciples of Dr. Annie Besant). Later she stared the BESANT MONTESSORI SCHOL.

The aims of the school was to provide primary education with theosophical concept in conformity with the Montessori methods. The school was the first in Bombay & 4th in India to receive recognition from the Association Montessori International (AMI).

The school was inaugurated on 6th Jan. 1948 in the Theosophical colony, Juhu by an eminent scholar Dr. Iruch Taraporewalla and financed by Mrs. Gulistan and Mr. Jehangir Jussawala. The Associate directress was Agnes Kotwal.

Soon the school premises were extended from one single classroom to 2 more new rooms. As the children began to take part in interschool activities it was found necessary to introduce a school uniform in 1964.
Several exhibitions, celebrations & activities were organised on every special occation in the following years. Our Montessori method itself is not rigid and allows expansion according to the needs of the changing world. It brings freedom to the child & gives him the opportunity to develop his highest potential. Discipline is inculcated in the child through proper continuours use of our Montessori material.

Exercises of practical life and the sensorial apparatus form the basis of our education dedicated to the age group from 2.5 years to 6 years of the child when the learning capacity is strongest and most natural. The chils becomes independent and develops muscular co-ordination. The control of error is in the material itself.

Our children begin to write and read on their own through these introductory apparatus. Maths is learnt with numerical rods, beads and counter symbols.

Pictures and their matching reading slips form a part of Nature study and Physical Geography.

Our Montessori child is exposed to all the subjects with user friendly material where he learns fast and naturally.

On 2nd September'91 the school suffered a great loss when Mss Tehmie Wadia passed away. She had been the guiding spirit of the school and had devoted her life to the service of the child. Her assistant Mrs Dolly Wadia was then appointed Directress of the school.
In 1994 due to the persistent effort of Mr.Yazdi Erance, the newly formed PTA was registered with the charity commissioner. The Anand Mela & Annual Sports Day thereafter became the norm every year with medals, shields & certificates donated by Everilda and Ivor D'mello.

Most festivals of all religions are celebrated and children are taken on visits to various places of worship.


The PTA has donated a computer, casio and collected funds for renovations of the school.

The past 50 years are years we can look back with pride. Times have changed but we have stuck to our ideals based on theosophical principles and humanitarian values.

The Besant Montessori school spells a base on which to build a good human being with a strong character and integrity working towards the ideal of universal brotherhood.

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