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Product Features :
Description :
A set of four solid teak wood blocks. Each block is skillfully crafted with ten cylinders varying in height and/or diameter .The knobs and cylinders are skillfully crafted out of a single piece of teak wood. Eliminating the problem of lost knobs.1. Progresses in height and diameter from small to large. 2. Progresses in diameter from thin to thick.3. Diminishes in height yet increase in diameter from tall and thin to short and thick.4. Progresses in height from short to tall with diameter remaining constant
Purpose :
The cylinder blocks provide the first stage (introduction) of experiences in visual discrimination of size. Grasping of the knobbed cylinders indirectly prepares the child for writing by developing the three-finger grip. .
Dimensions :   50 x 22 x 16
Weight :   5.4 Kgs
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